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How to Reduce IT Costs for Your Company: 2 Strategies Businesses Use

March 4, 2020

How to Reduce IT Costs

With growing cybersecurity concerns and economic uncertainties, many businesses from small companies to enterprises are looking for ways to reduce operational costs, which includes IT budgets. Even businesses planning to increase their IT budgets in 2020 and beyond are looking for ways to cuts costs through more efficient spending. So, how do you reduce IT costs for your company while remaining competitive without sacrificing quality, security or performance?

Consider buying refurbished servers and using VMware, two smart strategies used by many companies today that will cut your IT costs.

Refurbished Servers Reduce IT Hardware Costs Without Sacrifices

If your company only purchased new IT hardware in the past and you’re unfamiliar with buying refurbished equipment, you may not have considered this cost-effective option. Now is the time to do so.

Many businesses have discovered they can buy refurbished servers, including the latest hardware from top brands such as Dell and HP, at a fraction of the price without sacrificing quality. The key is to purchase your refurbished equipment from a reliable source.

Simply searching for the cheapest servers can be a costly mistake, but buying guaranteed refurbished hardware from a trusted seller with the benefits that brings can be a smart decision for a business of any size. You can read about four reasons to invest in refurbished equipment here.

How to Reduce IT Costs with VMware Server Virtualization Software

Now that you know reducing IT costs by buying refurbished servers can be a smart decision, take it a step further by implementing VMware server virtualization software.

Case studies show on average, VMware customers reduced their server TCO by 74% and realized an ROI of over 300% within six months of deployment. (See the whitepaper, Reducing Server Total Cost of Ownership with VMware Virtualization Software for details.)

With virtualization deployment, the VMware users studied were able to cut their servers from 50 to less than 10. They increased efficiencies in IT operations, lowered data center operational costs, and avoided costly data center expansions, bringing the companies significant savings. An increase in disaster recovery capabilities with decreased recovery time on existing non-high availability services was among other added benefits to using VMware software.

Like those customers studied, by virtualizing and centrally managing a smaller number of physical servers your business can achieve its goal of reducing IT costs.

Let ServerMonkey Help Reduce Your Company’s IT Cost

Want to know more about refurbished servers and the VMware server virtualization platforms? Ready to start decreasing your company’s IT costs? The professionals at ServerMonkey will be happy to answer your questions and deliver the customized hardware and software solutions your business needs to realize significant savings.

If you need hardware and software installation services, our team of experts can provide it. We also buy decommissioned equipment, a bonus for those upgrading their hardware. Rather than worrying about how to properly dispose of your old equipment without putting your data at risk, our ITAD Services take care of it and you get credit or cash back, along with any needed certificates of data erasure and destruction.

Contact us now to learn more about how ServerMonkey can help your company start reducing its IT costs.