Synology NAS, The Enterprise Storage Solutions

Transforming the way businesses manage data, the powerful Synology servers and other Synology hardware reliability meet and exceed the ever-increasing IT demands of tomorrow, as well as of today. The new Synology NAS (network attached storage) systems deliver high-performance, highly scalable enterprise storage solutions, ones needed to drive digital transformation.

From All-Flash Arrays, to RackStations and beyond, ServerMonkey carries the highest quality Synology NAS systems on the market. Contact us now to maximize your IT capabilities with the power of Synology!

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The New Synology NAS Solutions to Enterprise Storage

ServerMonkey is pleased to offer the new Synology NAS servers delivering exceptional enterprise storage solutions. If you’re looking to find lightning-fast scalable servers with all flash storage designed for IO-intensive and latency-sensitive applications, check out the Synology NAS servers in the FS series. In the SA Series you will find the Synology NAS rackmount, a reliable enterprise server designed for extensive scaling of data storage that easily meets the needs for video post-production and massive surveillance deployment. The RS Series includes the Synology RackStation RS4017xs+, a powerful enterprise NAS solution designed for virtualization, data-intensive applications and service continuity.

If you’re not sure which Synology NAS will best meet your needs, contact us for assistance. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will be happy to help.

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