Used Servers & IT Equipment
Low Cost, Efficient, & Green Enterprise Hardware
ServerMonkey carries a wide selection of new and refurbished servers and networking equipment. We offer a blend of low prices, high quality, and exceptional service that lets corporate IT groups economize without having to sacrifice. We sell used servers cheap, stocking major brands like:
We'll go far to see to it that you're efficiently getting what you need. We source the best products available so that we can promise the highest quality in every product we offer, and we offer numerous options for customization so you can get exactly what you need to serve your specific requirements and get the job done. Before we send out any product, we perform industry-standard tests to assure high performance.
Not only do we offer reliability and flexibility in catering to your specific needs, from sourcing to customization, but we also offer prices lower than anywhere else in the market. If you're looking for used servers, cheap prices, and uncompromising quality, look to ServerMonkey. We bundle our low prices with high quality and the best service we can offer. We get you what you need, when you need it, at the most competitive price and highest quality. And we protect the environment along the way.
Refurbished servers and networking equipment save you money that can go towards everything else you need to keep your business running efficiently. There's no reason to spend your entire IT budget on equipment you could be getting for a fraction of the price. With ServerMonkey, you can get the equipment you need at a good price and good quality. It's that simple.

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