Sustainability: Meet your ESG Goals

IT Sustainability is a strategic framework in which information technology resources are managed and utilized in a way that harmonizes the technological needs of an organization with minimized environmental repercussions. It implies conscientious deployment and evolution of IT assets, resources, and processes to fulfill current and future technological requirements while simultaneously making positive contributions to economic, social, and environmental aspects.

Embedding principles of the circular economy, it also involves implementing practices that prioritize resource efficiency, prolonging asset life cycles, and encouraging the reuse, refurbishment, and recycling of IT components to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact, ensuring a robust, resilient, and sustainable IT ecosystem.

What is sustainable ITAD?

Sustainability is no longer just an IT buzzword, it consists of environmentally-conscious principles businesses must adopt to make a lasting, positive impact on people, the planet and business performance. At ServerMonkey, we consistently challenge ourselves to embrace sustainability principles while embedding them into every aspect of our operations, engagements with customers and future business decisions.

E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream on the planet, with a 3-5% annual growth rate. Roughly 60 million metric tons of e-waste was generated in 2022 alone, while only 17.4% of e-waste gets collected and correctly recycled yearly. Responsibly recycling electronics in the circular economy via IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) has significant long-term benefits–environmentally and financially.

ServerMonkey’s secure ITAD services enable its customers and partners to become immediate participants in the growing circular economy. How can ServerMonkey help you meet your ESG goals and make environmentally-conscious information management possible?

  • Securely dispose of end-of-life IT assets, if and only if refurbishment is not possible, in an environmentally-responsible manner
  • Work with an R2v3 certified and NAID AAA partner to maintain strict security and sustainability requirements
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by maximizing asset value recovery through streamlined remarketing and reselling directly back to the end-user
  • ServerMonkey’s five step quality program ensures your refurbished IT assets meet the highest industry standards, giving end-of-life assets a new lease on life while avoiding landfill waste

ITAD's Role in Sustainability

Read more on how IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services play a pivotal role in promoting environmental sustainability and growing the circular economy. Explore
Sustainable ITAD
Our Goals for net-zero carbon emissions:

Green Facilities:

  • Green promotional products
  • Recycling of paper, plastic, aluminum & glass on-site
  • Green office supplies
  • Reusable tableware

Our goals:

  • Zero Landfill
  • Zero Waste Exported
  • Zero Incineration
  • 100% Sustainable!
ServerMonkey Recycled 33,142 pounds
33,142 lbs
of e-waste recycled in 2021
ServerMonkey Servers Shipped 5730+
43,020 lbs
of e-waste recycled in 2022
ServerMonkey Sells to 150 different countries
53,281 lbs
of e-waste recycled in 2023 YTD
Why should you care?
More than 50 percent of executives consider sustainability - the management of environmental, social, and governance issues - "very" or "extremely" important.
  • Maintaining or improving corporate
  • Alignment with business goals
  • Imporving operational effciency and lowering costs
  • Meeting Consumer's expectations
  • New growth opportunities
  • Strengthening competitive position
  • Leadership's personal interest
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Attracting, motivating, & retaining talented employees
  • Meeting expectations of distributors, retailers, & others
Refurbish for Lower Costs and Lower Carbon
We offer industry-certified refurbished hardware that's reliable, secure, and cost-effective. By opting for refurbished equipment, you reduce carbon emissions, prevent landfill waste, and save money. ServerMonkey helps you upgrade only as needed, saving time and money, while supporting your commitment to green business practices. See an overview of ServerMonkey's operations for refurbished hardware:
ITAD Made Simple

ServerMonkey's ITAD program is the perfect solution for businesses looking to dispose of their decommissioned IT assets in a secure and environmentally friendly manner

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