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Why Buying the Cheapest Servers is Not Always Best

May 14, 2019

Many individuals and IT groups search for cheap servers to help meet their budgets, and in some instances find great deals on quality equipment, including enterprise-level hardware. However, buying the cheapest servers and networking equipment is not always the best decision.

If your purchase of used IT hardware is based solely on the lowest price found, you may not get the benefits of buying from a trusted source. Instead, what first appeared to be a good deal becomes a costly mistake you regret.

Below are a few of those benefits you don’t want to miss. Consider them when making your next IT hardware purchase.

Trusted Sellers Offer Warranty on Used Servers

If you are thinking about purchasing a cheap server ‘as-is’ without any type of warranty, know you could end up with just what you paid for – cheap hardware worth next to nothing. The server could be damaged upon arrival or malfunction within a short period of time and you’re left with junk to be recycled.

While you could receive a damaged server even when purchasing new, you want to be able to return the product and receive a repair, replacement, or full refund. Buying used IT hardware as-is is a risky purchase.

You’ll want to make sure your reseller offers a warranty that covers your equipment for at least a year, and preferably with the option to extend the warranty for multiple years.

The Reliability of Quality Refurbished Servers

While a cheap, used server can be as powerful and reliable as new, unless you purchase from a trusted source you don’t know if it has very little life left, or if it will even work at all.

In general, if a used server performs well the first couple of months, it will likely continue to do so for years. A reputable IT hardware seller will employ experienced technicians who clean, inspect and test equipment that will be offered for sale to ensure products meet the highest industry standards.

Before buying the cheapest servers from an unknown or unreliable source, consider how important quality and uptime are to you and your business. Research the seller and learn about their process for reconditioning and testing their used hardware.

Knowledgeable Sellers Help Ensure Compatibility & Provide Customization

When purchasing used IT equipment, you may have compatibility questions, or be unsure about exactly what you need to best serve your specific requirements. A knowledgeable seller will be able to make recommendations to assist you in making the right purchase.

A good seller will also have experts who can customize your hardware to meet your needs and/or provide the opportunity for you to configure to order.

Get Great Support & Customer Service

One of the top reasons to purchase refurbished servers from a trusted source rather than the seller offering the cheapest price is support and customer service. If the service you receive is poor, your uptime will suffer, and you will regret the purchase as your frustration grows.

Find a reputable seller you can rely on to provide great support and customer service.

Partner with ServerMonkey, the Trusted IT Hardware Seller

ServerMonkey knows that buying the cheapest servers and IT equipment doesn’t help you if the products do not perform as they should. Specializing in refurbished servers and networking equipment, ServerMonkey only delivers the highest quality products, and we back them with first-rate support and customer service.

We invite you to learn about ServerMonkey and find out why IT groups rely on us to help them meet their budgets by providing high-quality refurbished enterprise hardware at significant savings. If you have questions or would like assistance in making a purchase, please contact us.