Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R710 6-Port (Configure to Order)

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More about the Dell PowerEdge R710:

The Dell PowerEdge R710 is designed with organic growth and scalability in mind. Thanks to Dell's system commonality, managing and upgrading the R710 is simple, allowing you to quickly react to changed business circumstances. Logical component layout also makes for a straightforward installation and redeployment process.

The Dell PowerEdge R710 is a 2U rack server that can support up to two quad- or six-core Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 series processors, which are equipped with technology that adapts to your software in real time to process more tasks simultaneously. 18 memory slots allow for a maximum of 288GB of memory, allowing the R710 to support and memory-intensive task you can throw at it. The PowerEdge R710 can support up to six SATA or SAS hard drives, giving you up to 12TB of internal storage. Solid State Drives may also be available, please call 1-855-4SRVERS with any questions.

Additionally, the Dell PowerEdge R710 provides reduced power consumption and increased performance capacity compared to previous generations. The Dell Management Console helps reduce manual processes, meaning less time and money need to be spent keeping the lights on and more time can be used on thinking up new ways to use this technology.

ServerMonkey offers the Dell PowerEdge R710 in a variety of options to suit your organizations' specific needs. Since ServerMonkey offers complete hardware customization, you can configure your unit to meet your price and processing specifications, or simply select a preconfigured unit from the list above.

Technical Specs:

Brand: Dell
Product Line: PowerEdge
Product Type: 2U Rackmount Server
Condition: Refurbished
Processors: Up to 2x Quad/Hex-Core Intel Xeon 55xx or 56xx Series
Memory: Up to 288GB PC3-8500 ECC RDIMM (18 DIMM Slots)
Up to 144GB PC3-10600 ECC RDIMM
Up to 24GB PC3-8500 ECC UDIMM, PC3-10600 ECC UDIMM
Hard Drives: Up to 6x 3.5" SAS/SATA hard drives
RAID: SAS 6i/R RAID 0,1 Controller
PERC H200 (0,1,10)
PERC H700 (0-60) With 512MB / 512MB Non-Volatile or 1GB BBWC
PERC 6i (0-60) With 256MB BBWC
*System will not recognize hard drives without a controller.
Remote Access Card: iDRAC 6 Express Integrated
iDRAC 6 Enterprise
Power Supply Unit: 570 Watt Power Supply Unit
870 Watt Power Supply Unit
*Dual 870W power supply units are required for all Intel X series processor configurations, or any configuration which utilizes 50% or more of the server's maximum power capabilities.
Rails: Sliding Rails w/Cable Management
Sliding Rails w/out Cable Management
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM
Bezel: Optional
VMware Data Center Virtualization:vSphere Essentials Kit – 1 Year
vSphere Essentials Kit – 3 Year
vSphere Essentials Plus Basic Kit– 1 Year
vSphere Essentials Plus Basic Kit– 3 Year
vSphere Essentials Plus Production Kit– 1 Year
vSphere Essentials Plus Production Kit– 3 Year
*ServerMonkey recommends a minimum of 8GB of RAM and quad-core processor for installation.
Visit the VMware vSphere Product Page for more information.

Base Configuration Includes:

Processors: No CPU
Memory: No RAM
Hard Drives: No HDD
RAID: SAS 6/iR RAID Controller Card (SAS/SATA) 0-1
Remote Access: iDRAC 6 Express (No Virtual Console)
Network Card: Included Quad Port Gigabit Broadcom NIC
Rails: No Rails
PSU: Non-Redundant 870 Watt Power Supply Unit
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM Included
Bezel: Not Included
Operating System: Not Included
VMware Data Center Virtualization: Not Included
Ask us about configuring your server with new components!

Additional Information

Type of Product System
Brand Dell
Condition Refurbished
Standard Warranty 1 year
Model # PER710 6P CTO
Manufacturer Part # PER710 6P CTO