ServerMonkey Announces Buy Back Program for IT Equipment

HOUSTON, TEXAS – (June 1, 2011) – ServerMonkey, a provider of new and refurbished servers and networking equipment, today announced its IT equipment Buy Back Program.

ServerMonkey’s Buy Back Program, which lets customers sell or recycle their outdated IT and networking equipment, allows for businesses and individuals to maximize their return on IT investments while giving a second life to equipment that their company has outgrown or no longer has use for.

“E-waste is becoming a significant issue in our society, and our program aims to curb the problem though remarketing and recycling of IT materials,” said Scott Michael Flowers, CEO. “Much of the IT equipment that’s thrown away each year can be refurbished and restored, and that seasoned technology can be used by groups such as small startups and nonprofits that don’t necessarily need the most expensive, cutting edge technology on the market.”

Through ServerMonkey’s secure website, sellers can submit a form outlining the equipment they’d like to sell, and after ServerMonkey evaluates the products, the seller will receive an offer within 48 business hours. In cases where ServerMonkey cannot provide an offer for equipment, it will work with customers to provide environmentally friendly recycling solutions.

ServerMonkey’s in-house data wipe lab, which is staffed by trained and certified IT technicians, provides customers with assurance that their equipment is wiped of information or shredded in accordance with Department of Defense standards. Once the wipe or shred is completed, customers receive a certificate of disposition for each drive wiped, which includes details such as the date of the data wipe, hardware used for the wipe, and the HD type, make, serial number, and drive capacity.

“Whether a company is looking to recycle a single server or 100 servers, ServerMonkey is dedicated to working with the customer to ensure that their equipment is processed in a manner that securely wipes the equipment of any sensitive information,” Flowers said. “Information security is one of the main reasons why companies are reluctant to recycle IT equipment, and we have addressed this concern by instituting one of the most stringent and secure data wiping & shredding policies in the industry.”

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