Mobile Drive Shredding and Degaussing

A New Way to Protect Your Data: Mobile Drive Shredding and Degaussing

As data center hardware recycling experts, we know that decommissioning old hard drives isn’t easy.

You can’t just discard your drives. They’re full of confidential information. Someone could take one, access the data, and steal what should be safe.

Throwing them in a dumpster doesn’t seem right. You want a responsible way to dispose of them that’s environmentally friendly.

Manually wiping them, though possible, is a time-consuming, tedious task that you and your admins don’t need. And today’s work from home, travel and transport restrictions make shipping drives much more work than it used to be. Packaging and transporting drives to a shipper adds complexity and delays that interfere with your day-to-day operations -- along with unacceptable security risks.

You need a solution right away, especially if you’re still decommissioning hardware, and making your problem bigger.

Ready for a better way to decommission your drives?

ServerMonkey has a solution that fits any organization of any size across Texas, especially in the Houston, Dallas, and Austin metropolitan areas.

Our new trucks can pick up your drives and solve your problems with a mobile ITAD solution that includes COVID-19 transmission precautions. Our service that streamlines drive decommissioning, gives you a disposal route, and protects your data without complexity or compromise.

Our mobile shredding and degaussing services are ISO, NAID, NIST, and DoD compliant to guarantee data safety and sustainable disposal.


Drive Shredding

Our shredding truck can address your drive recycling needs just outside your data centers.

  • Convenience: Instead of shipping drives, we come to you!
  • Speed: We can shred up to 1350 HDDs or 1800 SSDs in an hour.
  • Safety: Eliminate chain-of-custody concerns with state-of-the-art equipment and video surveillance. Receive shredded drives back or have us dispose of the remnants - we have all the certifications and relationships with recycling companies needed to handle your drives responsibly and sustainably.
Drive Degaussing

If you want to decommission hard drives without shredding, we can also come on-premise and degauss them for you.

  • Security: degaussing renders the drives completely unusable.
  • Simplicity: instead of manually wiping each drive, hand over your drives and have our professionals clear them.
  • Speed: we can degauss hundreds of drives at a time, with turnaround times in an hour or two.
Our Process

Our mobile shredding and degaussing services couldn’t be easier to use. You simply:

  1. Schedule a visit
  2. We come to you and shred or degauss
  3. You get a certificate of completion

Contact us to learn more about our mobile drive shredding and degaussing