New Dell EMC Servers

Choose New Dell EMC PowerEdge™ Servers with ServerMonkey

Server technologies are changing at an unprecedented rate, and if you need leading-edge capabilities to power new workloads like data analytics, containerized infrastructure, and high-performance software-defined architectures, you need the latest capabilities. That’s why ServerMonkey now gives you access to the full catalog of new Dell EMC servers alongside our unparalleled supply of refurbished servers.

As an authorized partner with Dell, our ability to source both new and late-model Dell EMC servers offers unprecedented versatility -- so you have new ways to tailor your server infrastructure to your unique requirements. We’re a leading supplier of high-performance, high-efficiency Dell servers to organizations of all sizes, and we’re the right partner to help you make informed choices, modernize your IT quickly, and add new capabilities right away.

The Advantages of Dell EMC

Dell EMC’s PowerEdge server family offers exceptional breadth and depth with a commitment to leading-edge technologies, including NVMe storage, GPUs, and processors from both AMD™ and Intel™. With innovative designs and a track record of helping organizations like yours succeed, from the cloud to the edge, Dell EMC provides the right features and functions to transform IT.

But the best technologies aren’t effective unless they’re reliable. ServerMonkey knows that, and that's why all of our new Dell EMC servers are covered by Dell EMC support contracts. You can add supported servers to your data center, departmental server closets, or even on the edge. Working together, ServerMonkey and Dell EMC help you go farther with your budget without worry about reliability and uptime.

But let’s not forget that we’re also an industry leader at providing rebuilt, fully tested late-model Dell EMC servers. We have a full range of tower servers, rack servers, and even modular infrastructure. With ServerMonkey, you can add a performance-optimized mix of new and refurbished servers while controlling your costs.

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The ServerMonkey Advantage

Sourcing from ServerMonkey offers you more than just quality Dell EMC equipment - you also get support for all of your other data center needs. Whether you need help with maintenance or a mix of servers and custom refurbished equipment to build out your facility, we’re a source you can trust for both new and refurbished servers. And you’ll get what you’re looking for at a lower cost, with full customization to your specs and quick delivery within seven business days.

Secured facilities

Security starts with our facilities, where monitored alarms, 24-hour security camera surveillance, and controlled access are standard. Your drives and your data are always protected.

Technician screening

It’s critical that your product be handled and sanitized by trusted individuals. That’s why all of ServerMonkey’s technicians are carefully screened and selected and undergo background checks and drug screens.

Focused training

ServerMonkey’s technicians receive extensive and ongoing technical and security training to ensure they know the industry-best methods and standards for processing storage devices.

Verified processes

ServerMonkey’s processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018, ensuring the quality and continuous improvement of the practices that manage our operations, product handling, and each aspect of our service offerings.

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