Installation Services

ServerMonkey’s installation services are just as flexible and customizable as our server configurations. Whether you’re adding or upgrading equipment in an existing data center, moving to a new location, or just getting started, our expert team will customize the process to meet your needs.

Our Installation Services

From upgrading equipment to moving to a new location, our expert team can offer the support you need.

Coordinate shipping and logistics:

We arrange secure shipping to multiple geographic locations using the carrier of your choice or by utilizing ServerMonkey’s recommended shipping services.

Unload and unpack hardware:

Once the product is delivered, we handle unloading and unpacking with extreme care. With the necessary security access, our team assures a seamless staging process.

Configure racks:

Following our defined process or customer specifications, ServerMonkey installs the hardware in racks utilizing the appropriate mounting brackets and rails. We will also connect necessary cabling. Cables are tagged, color coded and zip tied to customer specification as well.

Install and test racks:

Racks are positioned, cabled and grounded to customer specification. All installations include testing to verify system functionality. Additional testing or software installation specific to your system or network can be arranged as required.

Document assets:

Hardware is verified against corresponding purchase orders, photographed, and labeled to customer specification. Asset tracking software can also be utilized.

Detrash and removal:

Product packaging is removed from site and recycled as appropriate.

Documented organizational systems and procedures are the foundation of ServerMonkey’s high quality standards. All of our services are rooted in proven best practices.

Why ServerMonkey?

Secured facilities:

Security starts with our facilities, where monitored alarms, 24-hour security camera surveillance, and controlled access are standard. Your drives and your data are always protected.

Technician screening:

It’s critical that your product be handled and sanitized by trusted individuals. That’s why all of ServerMonkey’s technicians are carefully screened and selected and undergo background checks and drug screens.

Focused training:

ServerMonkey’s technicians receive extensive and ongoing technical and security training to ensure they know the industry-best methods and standards for processing storage devices.

Verified processes:

ServerMonkey’s processes are certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007, ensuring the quality and continuous improvement of the practices that manage our operations, product handling, and each aspect of our service offerings.