Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers From ServerMonkey

Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers From ServerMonkey

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers make the difference in your data center, powering processes and keeping your data moving with smart automation, scalable business architecture, and integrated security.

Why Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers will empower all of your data center’s processes with built-in security, and customizable architecture to meet your business’s needs and goals-whatever the scope or scale.

Rack Servers

  • Flexible configuration options with powerful, 4-socket performance and GPU acceleration
  • Primed for data analytics, AI, and machine learning
  • Top SAP performance, broad range of in-server options
  • Award-winning product and design (IT Pro “Editor’s Choice” award and international Red Dot Award)

Tower Servers

  • Engineered so you can modify and build them to meet your company’s evolving needs.
  • Flexible configurations
  • Large internal capacities
  • Rackable-so they can grow as your company does
  • Broad portfolio of options of diverse business types


  • Flexible computing and storage modules
    • FX architecture with 2-socket and 4-socket solutions
    • VRTX PowerEdge blades/storage
    • M1000e modular blade enclosures
    • C6420 modular server nodes
  • Tailor your infrastructure to your precise needs
  • Quick deployment

The ServerMonkey Advantage

Sourcing from ServerMonkey offers you more than just quality Dell equipment-you also get support for all of your other data center needs. Whether you need help with maintenance or a mix of Dell servers and custom refurbished equipment to build out your facility, we’re a source you can trust for both new and refurbed servers. And you’ll get what you’re looking for at a lower cost, with full customization to your specs and quick delivery within seven business days.

Customizable Frameworks

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are built with dynamic server technology that is scalable to any workload, letting you quickly adapt to your business’s changing needs and goals.

Smart Automation

PowerEdge 14G servers free up valuable resources by automating and optimizing routine tasks so that you can focus on the strategic, critical activities that will help your business grow.

Built-In Security

Focus on your business and not on security-it’s fully integrated into Dell PowerEdge Servers, which offer multilevel, sophisticated safeguarding to protect organizations and their customers.

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