Due to the severe weather in the Houston area, ServerMonkey will be closed today. We will proceed with normal business hours on Monday.

ServerMonkey Operations Overview

ServerMonkey Operations Overview
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ServerMonkey Operations Overview

ServerMonkey's operational team is prepared to handle IT equipment at every step, from inbound to outbound. Check out our team at work in our latest video!

Our process:

  • We start by tearing servers down to the component level.
  • Then we test all inbound drives and memory so we can responsibly dispose of any dead drives and faulty memory
  • The server chassis and components are then added to our inventory, ready to be pulled for a custom build.
  • Every server we sell is built-to-order to meet your exact specifications.
  • We test each server to ensure it’s ready to go from the moment you receive it.
  • Every server is covered for a year with our warranty program and can be upgraded up to 5 years.
  • We take our packaging seriously to ensure your server arrives safely and ready to go.
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