How the Death of Moore’s Law Helps You Save Money

How the Death of Moore’s Law Helps You Save Money
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How the Death of Moore’s Law Helps You Save Money

How the Death of Moore’s Law Helps You Save Money

Ever heard of Moore’s Law? It’s an idea from the early days of microprocessor production that still matters today.

Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel, saw that the number of transistors on a microchip doubled about every two years. As a result, microchip performance increased dramatically after every generation. You remember those days – when every new Intel Xeon processor delivered nearly 2x the performance of the preceding generation.

But…there are limits, physical limits on the size of transistors and the complexity of chip design. And for many years, Intel and all the other CPU manufacturers have bumped into these limits for transistor and chip design that have caused processor performance gains to slow down. In other words, the days of microchip performance doubling every couple of years is at an end. Nowadays, each new microprocessor generation gives us about a 10-20% performance gain.

For you as a server buyer, that’s a very good thing. There was a time when data center designers and IT administrators felt like a three-year-old server was woefully underpowered. Organizations would rip and replace their servers every few years. But today, because performance isn’t increasing as rapidly as before, older servers have compelling value. They’re almost as fast as new servers. Organizations are keeping them around for four, five, and even six years. And because of that, server vendors are making servers more reliable—they last longer, which means they have value for longer.

Here’s a little-known secret for you to capitalize on. Purchasing older servers from a reputable vendor is a great way to get valuable performance for less. And ServerMonkey is one of the most reputable vendors for refurbished hardware you could choose.

ServerMonkey is a one-stop source for new and refurbished servers, storage, and networking hardware to fit any IT budget or requirement needed for your infrastructure. We provide the products, services, and maintenance to lower your costs at every stage in the IT hardware lifecycle.

At any time, we have thousands of refurbished, recent-generation servers from all the leading vendors—Dell, HPE, Cisco, IBM—sitting on a shelf, ready for your new workloads, expansions, or replacements.

We source the best products available. We promise the highest quality in every product we offer, and we offer numerous options for customization so you can get exactly what you need to serve your specific requirements and get the job done. Before we send out any product, we perform industry-standard tests to assure high performance so that you don’t have to worry about whether your infrastructure is slower than it ought to be.

With the flatlining of Moore’s Law, there's no reason to spend your entire IT budget on equipment you could be getting for a fraction of the price. ServerMonkey gives you a blend of low prices, high quality, and exceptional service that lets organizations of any size cut costs without having to sacrifice.

To kick off a conversation with us, fill out this form and one of our experts will be in touch to help!

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