Dell PowerEdge T710 Memory

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Dell PowerEdge T710 Memory Specs:

  • Max. Memory Capacity: 192GB
  • Memory Speed: PC3-10600 — DDR3 1333 MHz
  • Type of Memory: Registered DIMM, ECC
  • DIMM Sockets Available: 18 sockets

The Dell T710 is ideal for large capacity computing with up to 16 hard drives and an expandable memory up to 192GB. Expanding your memory to its maximum capacity ensures that your system and network meet the needs of your growing business or remote workgroup.

Dell PowerEdge T710 Memory Upgrade Options

The T710 employs DDR3 memory by providing a high performance, high-speed memory network capable of low-latency response and high throughput. The Dell T710’s DDR3 interface supports 2, 4, 8, or 16 GB of registered DIMMs.

Tips for Upgrading Your Dell PowerEdge T710 Memory

  • The supported memory DIMM type and speed is dependent on your current server configuration.
  • The T710 memory system supports up to 18 DIMMs
  • DIMMs must be installed in the T710 in each channel starting with the DIMM farthest from the processor.
  • Think long-term. Buy the maximum amount of memory now to ensure you don't waste money with modules you won't be able to use when you upgrade later.
  • Buy refurbished with a guarantee. All of our Dell T710 memory modules are refurbished and tested for reliability and compatibility, so you're guaranteed to improve your performance without going over your budget.

Each purchase of a ServerMonkey memory kit comes standard with a 30 day warranty. You can make the essential purchases needed for your networking solutions with the assurance that you are receiving a reliable product. Upgrade your Dell PowerEdge T710 today! ServerMonkey is not responsible if this speed and DIMM type is not compatible with your current configuration. Please verify if your server configuration will support this PC3-10600R memory.

Available Dell PowerEdge T710 Memory: