Details & and Specs

  • bullet Brand: Dell
  • bullet Product Line: PowerEdge
  • bullet Product Type: Modular Server
  • bullet Blades: Up to 8x full-height / 16x half-height / 32x quarter-height blade servers (not included)
    Dell PowerEdge M640 Blades
    Dell PowerEdge M630 Blades
    Dell PowerEdge M620 Blades
  • bullet Chassis Management: Redundant chassis management controllers included
  • bullet KVM: Integrated KVM switch included
  • bullet I/O Modules: Up to 6x blade I/O modules
  • bullet I/O Power Supply Unit: Up to 6x hot-plug power supplies
  • bullet Rails: Optional static ReadyRails
Additional Specs

Dell blade enclosures allow you to economize without compromise. It provides users with shared power, networking, cooling, and management infrastructure. The enclosure can fit a 19-inch rack and is 10 rack units high. Servers are inserted on the front while the power supplies, fans, and I/O modules are inserted with the management modules. The M1000e can hold up to 6 total blade I/O modules for 3 fully redundant fabrics. The M1000e supports dynamic power supply engagement (DPSE) mode, which helps drive utilization and efficiency of the active supplies. All of our Dell blade enclosures come with our standard 1-year ServerMonkey warranty. The Dell M1000e Enclosure helps reduce operating costs and complexity of managing blade resources. With this enclosure, you can tailor your management to best meet your specifications and needs for your entire system. The M1000e allows users to easily grow their data center by supporting future generations of blades. Like all Dell equipment, the Dell PowerEdge M1000e Enclosure can handle a variety of workloads from small data centers to large data centers.


The Refurbished Dell PowerEdge M1000E Enclosure comes with ServerMonkey's one-year warranty. Warranty upgrades are available.

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