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ServerMonkey Develops Line of Custom-Coded Optical Transceivers for HPE and Dell EMC Systems

October 12, 2020

In-house designed optical transceivers 100 percent compatible with OEM solutions with a lifetime warranty

HOUSTON, October 12, 2020 – ServerMonkey, an IT service provider that specializes in enterprise and SMB IT hardware, today announced a new collection of ServerMonkey optical transceivers and cables to help customers with a wide range of networking requirements for HPE, Dell EMC, and other major OEM brands.

The new ServerMonkey optical transceivers are 100 percent compatible with OEM solutions, enabling customers to buy and deploy transceivers for a wide range of HPE, Dell EMC, and other major OEM brands’ systems. ServerMonkey transceivers and cables are priced up to 60 percent less than OEM solutions and come with a lifetime replacement warranty, with replacements received within one to two business days if a part fails.

ServerMonkey, an enterprise IT solutions provider for nearly 10 years, developed the new product line in partnership with a broad base of tier-one manufacturers to ensure quality, simplicity, and value for its customers. The new optical transceivers are available through ServerMonkey with Dell, HPE, and other major OEM servers and storage solutions, customized, installed, and serviced by certified ServerMonkey technicians.

“As organizations respond to network changes from legacy 1Gbps to a future of 100Gbps and beyond, requirements are becoming more diverse, driving demand for any and every kind of connectivity as quickly and efficiently as possible, without compromising reliability and value,” said ServerMonkey CEO Bashar Hindi. “The new ServerMonkey optical transceivers help these organizations connect and share data over new hardware as quickly as possible at a price far less than OEM alternatives. Best of all, ServerMonkey offers transceivers and cables for Dell, HPE, and other major OEM brand systems through a one-stop solution for complete customization, installation, and support.”