HP Z800 Memory

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HP Z800 Memory Specs:

  • Max. Memory Capacity: 96GB
  • Memory Speed: PC3-10600 — DDR3 1333 MHz
  • Type of Memory: Registered DIMM, ECC
  • DIMM Sockets Available: 12 sockets

The HP Z800 workstation is more than just good looks. With a spiffy looking chassis, one can overlook the working potential that the Z800 is capable of. This beauty features a customizable memory capacity of up to 192GB, the HP Z800 is capable of handling the most trying of processes performed from day to day.

HP Z800 Memory Upgrade Options:

The HP Z800 supports a maximum amount of dual in-line memory modules up to 96GB in a single processor configuration and 192GB in a dual processor configuration. The chassis is built with 12 memory slots to handle registered error-correcting code memory. The HP Z800 will perform at its best with the maximum amount of memory installed.

Tips for Upgrading Your HP Z800 Memory:

  • The supported memory DIMM type and speed is dependent on your current server configuration.
  • Memory speed is determined by the CPU, regardless of the speed of the memory.
  • If using a dual processor configuration, both processors must be connected to memory.
  • A single processor configuration must be configured with its memory in sets of three. A dual processor configuration must be configured with memory sets of six.
  • Using the smallest DIMM size may optimize the memory performance.

ServerMonkey offers a wide selection of memory modules compatible with the HP Z800. If you are in the market for a HP Z800 memory upgrade, then look no further. ServerMonkey offers a 30 day warranty on all memory kit upgrades. Buy with confidence and improve your HP Z800 today. ServerMonkey is not responsible if this speed and DIMM type is not compatible with your current configuration. Please verify if your server configuration will support this PC3-10600R memory.

Available HP Z800 Memory: