Dell PowerEdge T620 Memory

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Dell PowerEdge T620 Memory Specs:

  • Max. Memory Capacity: 768GB
  • Memory Speed: PC3-12800 — DDR3 1600 MT/s
  • Type of Memory: Registered DIMM, ECC
  • DIMM Sockets Available: 24 sockets

Your network is slow. Most likely that’s why you’re on this page. Programs are slow to load, systems lag frustratingly. The problem can likely be traced to your server, and the solution is a fairly easy one. In most cases a simple and cost efficient memory upgrade can breathe new life into your Dell PowerEdge T620 server.

Dell PowerEdge T620 Memory Upgrade Options:

The memory of the Dell PowerEdge T620 is expandable up to 768GB in a dual processor configuration.

Below we have compiled a chart of memory kits that are commonly used for the Dell PowerEdge T620.

Tips for Upgrading Your HP ProLiant Dell PowerEdge T620 Memory:

  • The supported memory DIMM type and speed is dependent on your current server configuration.
  • Distribute the memory capacity between all processors as evenly as possible.
  • Never mix Unbuffered and Registered PC4 DIMMs.
  • For advanced ECC mode configurations, DIMMs may be installed individually.
  • Advanced ECC mode provides the greatest memory capacity, while providing up to 4-bit error correction.

If you are looking to upgrade your HP ProLiant Dell PowerEdge T620, ServerMonkey has the right option for you. Whether you are looking for a small memory upgrade of 16GB or the maximum of 768GB, we've got you covered. Plus, our 30 day warranty guarantees you a quality product at a low price. ServerMonkey is not responsible if this speed and DIMM type is not compatible with your current configuration. Please verify if your server configuration will support this PC3-12800R memory.

Available Dell PowerEdge T620 Memory: