Dell PowerEdge R610 Memory

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Dell PowerEdge R610 Memory Specs:

  • Max. Memory Capacity: 192GB
  • Memory Speed: PC3-10600 — DDR3 1333 MHz
  • Type of Memory: Registered DIMM, ECC
  • DIMM Sockets Available: 12 sockets

When using memory intensive applications, the more memory the better. There is nothing worse than a slow computing system, which can be caused by the lack of adequate memory. In order to ensure the most efficient output from your system, a memory upgrade is your best bet.

Dell PowerEdge R610 Memory Upgrade Options:

The R610 can handle up to 192GB of memory in 12 dual in-line memory modules. The 12 memory sockets are split into two sets of six, one for each processor. Each set of six sockets are divided into three channels with two memory slots per channel. The R620 supports registered error-correcting DDR3 DIMMs.

Tips for Upgrading Your Dell PowerEdge R610 Memory:

  • The Dell R620 uses 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB RDIMMs.
  • The supported memory DIMM type and speed is dependent on your current server configuration.
  • DIMMs must be installed starting with the slot furthest from the processor.
  • Memory frequency is determined by the speed of the DIMMs, speed supported by the processor, and the configuration of the DIMMs.
  • Always think long term when upgrading memory.
  • The R610 does not have riser cards for DIMM population

If you are looking to upgrade the memory in your Dell PowerEdge R610 server, then look no further. ServerMonkey offers every possible memory module that's compatible with the Dell R610. The small investment to upgrade your memory can make the biggest difference in the lifetime of your server. Don't hesitate to upgrade today! ServerMonkey is not responsible if this speed and DIMM type is not compatible with your current configuration. Please verify if your server configuration will support this PC3-10600R memory.

Available Dell PowerEdge R610 Memory: