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Bolster your data center with truly customized servers and IT equipment.

What you want, baby, we got it!

You’ve probably already noticed that we have a wide variety of servers that can be configured to your liking. But did you know that ServerMonkey also delivers custom white box solutions? Simply give our expert sales team a call at 1-855-4SRVERS, and we’ll help you design a high-quality system built specifically for your needs: we take your exact requirements, root through our humongous stash of inventory, and build your custom equipment from quality refurbished components. Then we back it up with our industry-leading 1 year warranty.

We are super-geeks, super-geeks, we’re super geeky!

Sometimes you need legacy equipment, a hard-to-find server or OEM specific upgrade. While you could spend days searching for your specialized equipment, we know you’d rather spend your time focusing on your business. (Or watching Big Bang Theory reruns, your choice, we don’t judge!)

Instead of embarking on a wild technological goose chase, simply give us a call and let our experienced IT procurement team help you find the gear you need. Whether you need one part or an entire system, we can help! We live to look for this stuff, we torture our families with tales of the quest every night. Call us, need us, give us something to talk about!

She’s a brick house…
The Jungle Box: The next big thing on the server scene.

The Jungle Box is a flexible, portable, and space-saving solution for small- and medium-sized businesses. Designed for rapid deployment, it’s perfect in almost any environment. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. Do you want minimal and functional? We’ll make it happen! Does your environment require a little flair or pizazz? Perfect, your box will have strobing LEDs and a speaker system built right in. The best part? It’s all comprised of refurbished and repurposed equipment, which means you’ve just become an environmental hero. All Jungle Boxes come standard with a 1 year warranty (upgradeable to 2 year).

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