Dell Laptops

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Dell laptops are widely used in businesses and offices around the world. ServerMonkey offers two brand models from the Dell family of laptops for you to choose from. All of our pre-owned Dell laptops come with a 90-Day ServerMonkey warranty.

Dell Latitude

Dell Latitude laptops are made for reliability and security. These are the most elite business-class laptops, featuring mobility, premium design, longer battery life, and compliance to the highest security standards. They also sport docking compatibility with a wide variety of options for the optimal workspace. Ideal for the working professional on the move, Latitude laptops will prove to be an unfailing essential machine time and time again.

Dell XPS

Dell XPS laptops are designed to be top of the line in terms of strength and beauty, with the best display resolutions and build quality and the most powerful features. They are equipped with the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards. Whether you're in the boardroom or on-the-go, the lightweight XPS laptops packs all the powerful performance you need in a durable and compact package.

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