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How Does ServerMonkey Refurbish Servers

October 1, 2019

What are Refurbished Servers?

In the same way that electronics are refurbished, a refurbished server holds the same meaning in which it consists of a customer returning an open or unopened product in a like-new condition but cannot be sold as new again and is offered with a deep discount. This is especially different from “used” in which the “refurbished” unit is free from defects.

Where Do the Servers Come from?

All servers, such as a refurbished Dell server or refurbished HP server, come from suppliers and sometimes customers who sell their old equipment to us. No matter where the servers come from, all equipment undergoes strenuous processes to ensure functionality and are all free from defects.

How Does ServerMonkey Refurbish Servers?

When we start configuring your product, full diagnostics and firmware updates are applied to ensure you receive the latest updates and compatibilities.

Finally, your product is assessed with a final inspection to ensure that all qualities and standards are met before it is shipped to you. Depending on the specifics of your system, additional testing or software installation will be applied as required.

All of our servers are backed by a standard one year warranty on every purchase. We also offer 1-5 year extended warranties with TekShield 8x5 Support with Next Business Day Replacement and Tekshield 24x7 Support with 4 Hour Resolution from 1-5 years.

At ServerMonkey, we carry refurbished servers for SMB all the way to enterprise level servers from Refurbished Dell Servers and Refurbished HP Servers.

We will also help you out with this choice by offering you full customization on every server we offer. Whether you want a low-end SCSI machine or a high-end rackmount full of HDDs and SSDs ServerMonkey can accommodate you!

If you have any further questions on Refurbished Servers or Services, contact our experts at 1-866-590-8098 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. You can also contact us online at https://www.servermonkey.com/contact.