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Data Privacy Day Reminder: Protect Data with Drive Shredding & Wiping Service

January 23, 2020

Data Privacy Day Reminder: Protect Data with Drive Shredding & Wiping Service

Observed annually on January 28, Data Privacy Day is the designated day to think about the importance of data privacy and promote the protection of private information in our digital world. Businesses and organizations host events throughout the month to help raise awareness about current privacy issues and best practices for safeguarding data. People learn more about how personal information is collected, stored, used and shared. The day promotes dialogue and encourages action to bring real change.

Take the time each January to celebrate National Data Privacy Day by promoting privacy awareness, but when the day passes, remember that respecting and protecting data is not a one-day or even one-month occasion.

As the number and size of data breaches continue to grow, businesses must make data privacy protection a continuous effort, and be transparent about those efforts. If you collect consumers’ personal data, be honest about how that information is collected, used and shared. Keep it secure, protected.

You also want to keep your business safe. When you replace IT equipment, take proper measures to ensure data cannot be retrieved after disposal. With this, ServerMonkey can help.

Certified Hard Drive Shredding & Wiping Service Keeps Data Protected

ServerMonkey takes data protection seriously, and we know data security is the top concern for companies disposing of assets. If it is not your #1 concern, it should be.

As part of our ITAD services, ServerMonkey provides secure, comprehensive, customized and certified hard drive shredding and wiping services for protecting data and indemnifying businesses against liabilities from data issues.

We wipe HDDs and SSDs, permanently erasing the information from the drives to Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. We also shred drives securely. Upon completion, we provide Certificates of Data Erasure and Certificates of Destruction.

We keep data safe and protected, from the time it arrives at our secure facilities until it is safely destroyed. You can see our company’s certifications here.

To learn more about our certified hard drive shredding and drive wiping services, contact ServerMonkey.

Happy Data Privacy Day!