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May 2019

Servers 101: Blade Server vs Rack vs Tower – What’s the Difference?

May 28, 2019

Rack servers

Blades, racks, and towers – each type of server essentially performs the same function, so how do you know which type will be best for your business?

If you’re a seasoned IT professional, chances are you’ve already taken a stance on the topic; whether it be out of preference or necessity. But if you’re new to the server game, or are considering an overhaul of your data center, you may have questions about which type will best fit your needs and budget.

Why Buying the Cheapest Servers is Not Always Best

May 14, 2019

Many individuals and IT groups search for cheap servers to help meet their budgets, and in some instances find great deals on quality equipment, including enterprise-level hardware. However, buying the cheapest servers and networking equipment is not always the best decision.

If your purchase of used IT hardware is based solely on the lowest price found, you may not get the benefits of buying from a trusted source. Instead, what first appeared to be a good deal becomes a costly mistake you regret.

Below are a few of those benefits you don’t want to miss. Consider them when making your next IT hardware purchase.

ServerMonkey Sponsors IAITAM ACE 2019 Conference & Exhibition in San Diego CA

May 9, 2019

Exhibiting at Booth 13 in the IAITAM ACE Exhibition Hall May 22nd, ServerMonkey will showcase its enterprise IT Asset Disposition services.

Houston, TX, May 9, 2019 -- ServerMonkey, a full service IT partner, is proudly serving as a bronze sponsor of the upcoming IAITAM ACE 2019 (International Association of IT Asset Managers Annual Conference & Exhibition), the world’s largest annual event of its kind. The event kicks off May 22, 2019, in San Diego, CA. ServerMonkey will exhibit at Booth 13 in the Exhibition Hall the same day, showcasing the company’s ITAD services and solutions, and enterprise IT products.

This year’s IAITAM ACE will be held May 22-24 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. The 3-day industry-leading event brings together CIOs, COOs, CTOs, IT asset managers and a wide range of other industry professionals to explore the latest in IT asset management and its impact on business.

Servers 101: How Much RAM Do You Need

May 1, 2019

So, you’ve decided to purchase what will be your company’s dedicated server. That’s great! Your company intranet or website will undoubtedly be forever grateful for your decision to invest in its future. As you choose your new server’s specifications, you breeze through the CPU options, hard drive choices, and RAID configuration... and then it’s time to make your server RAM selection.

As you pour over the multiple RAM options available, you ask yourself, “how much RAM do I really need, anyway?”

Let’s start at the beginning:

What is Server RAM?

RAM (random access memory) is an essential component of any hardware that’s designed to perform computing tasks. RAM allows space for your computer or server to write and read information to be accessed by the CPU. When folks talk about a computer’s server memory, they’re most likely referring to its RAM.