​Announcing a new move: ServerMonkey Optics and Cables

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​Announcing a new move: ServerMonkey Optics and Cables

Today we’re doing something we’ve never done at ServerMonkey, and we think you’ll like it. We’re releasing 100% OEM compatible, ServerMonkey branded and supported optical transceivers for Dell Technologies and HPE, along with optical cables for Dell EMC. We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers of Tier 1 optics, used by the largest telecommunications companies, to ensure quality, reliability, and value.

This is a big deal for our customers. Now we have new ways to support them with the network connectivity options they need to build high-performance, high-reliability infrastructure. Instead of searching the web for the right transceivers, armed with a part number, a description, or even just a picture, they’ll be able to come to us for help, choosing optics from our full range of options, from 10Gb to 100Gb. We even have a parts compatibility matrix, making it easy for you to match an OEM part with the ServerMonkey equivalent.

Not only are we giving you a full range of options, we’ve made our options better. For starters, we’re keeping the cost of our optics around 40-65% of the OEM optics. We’re adding a lifetime warranty with next day parts dispatch. And we’re making sure that our customers can buy optics with their servers or as add-on parts to support existing infrastructure. In other words, we’re offering speed and simplicity others can’t match.

So what else do you need to know? They’re immediately available, here’s a link to the press release, a link to the optics section of our website, and if you want hands-on assistance, email us here with questions or sales inquiries. We’re ready to help!

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