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Dell PowerEdge 2950 G3 8-Port

Configure your refurbished
Dell PowerEdge 2950 3rd Generation 8 Port Server

1 Year Warranty

The Dell PowerEdge 2950 is a two-socket 2U rack server that delivers a balance of performance, availability, and flexibility for organizations of any size. The PowerEdge 2950 is designed for growing applications, database and file/print consolidation, and web messaging. This server is fully expandable to fit your growing needs. READ MORE

Select a PowerEdge 2950 generation What's this? The higher the generation, the newer the product. In general, higher generations usually support newer CPUs, hard drives and memory.
As configured
  • 3.0 GHz Dual-Core x2
  • 8GB PC2-5300F
  • 250GB 7.2k SATA 2.5" x4
  • PERC 5i
  • Bezel Included
  • Redundant 750W PSU
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As configured
  • 2.66 GHz Quad-Core x2
  • 16GB PC2-5300F
  • 146GB 15K SAS 2.5" x8
  • PERC 6i RAID
  • Bezel Included
  • Redundant 750W PSU
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As configured
  • 3.33 GHz Quad-Core x2
  • 32GB PC2-5300F
  • 450GB 10K SAS 2.5" x8
  • PERC 6i RAID
  • Bezel Included
  • Redundant 750W PSU
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Starting at
  • Up to 2x Dual/Quad-Core Intel Xeons
  • Up to 64GB PC2-5300F
  • Up to 8x 2.5" SAS / SATA HDD
  • 750W PSU
  • RAID Available
  • Rails Available
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More about the Dell PowerEdge 2950:

The Dell PowerEdge 2950 is a versatile 2U rack server. Customer large and small have found that this versatile platform offers an optimal balance between size and capability. With its fully expandable 2U chassis, intuitive internal design, and support for redundant hot-plug power supplies and hard drives, the PE2950 can be a flexible and dependable backbone of your company's IT infrastructure.

The PowerEdge 2950 supports up to two quad-core Intel Xeon processors, to boost your performance with superior processing power. The PE 2950 is fully expandable with up to 32GB of memory, peripheral installation, and room for RAID, remote management and more. If you are looking for an Enterprise-class server for your growing business, the PE 2950 is for you.

The PowerEdge 2950's flexible 2U chassis allows for up to eight internal hard drives, allowing you to store up to 5.5TB of data. It also includes hot plug power supplies and fans, RAID configurations with battery backed cache, and an internal tape drive that allows local data backup. This all adds up to a server that not only helps ensure your data is protected and accessible, but will also supercharge your data center.

ServerMonkey offers the Dell PowerEdge 2950 in a variety of options to suit your organizations' specific needs. Since ServerMonkey offers complete hardware customization, you can configure your unit to meet your price and processing specifications, or simply select a preconfigured unit from the list above.

Dell PowerEdge 2950 Specs:

  • Brand: Dell
  • Product Line: PowerEdge
  • Product Type: Rackmount Server
  • Form Factor: 2U Rack
  • Processors: Up to 2x Dual or Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5100, 5200, 5300, or 5400 Series
  • Processor Cache: Intel Xeon 5400: 2x6 MB; Xeon 5300: 2x4 MB; Xeon 5200: 6 MB; Xeon 5100: 4 MB
  • Memory: Fully expandable up to 64GB PC2-5300 ECC FBDIMM
  • Hard Drives: Up to 8x 2.5" SAS/SATA Hard Drives
  • Maximum Internal Storage: Up to 6TB
  • I/O Slots: 3 PCI slots
  • Remote Management: Baseboard Management Controller with IMPI 2.0 support; DRAC 5 (optional)
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