Dell PowerEdge R610 6-Port

Dell R610, Dell Poweredge R610

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Dell PowerEdge R610 6 Port Server

The Dell PowerEdge R610 features a simple 1U rack design that simplifies management and boosts the energy efficiency of your enterprise. It utilizes an Intel 2-socket configuration, making it ideal for data centers and remote sites that require virtualization. READ MORE

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  • Up to 2x Quad/Hex Core Intel Xeons
  • Up to 192GB PC3-10600R
  • Up to 6x 2.5" SAS/SATA
  • SAS 6/iR
  • Redundant 502W PSU
  • Rails Available
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As configured
  • 2.4 GHz Quad-Core x2
  • 16GB PC3-10600R
  • 500GB 7.2K SATA x4
  • PERC H200 RAID
  • Redundant 717W PSU
  • Static Rails
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As configured
  • 2.66 GHz Hex-Core x2
  • 32GB PC3-10600R
  • 300GB 15K SAS x4
  • PERC 6i RAID
  • Redundant 717W PSU
  • Sliding Rails
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As configured
  • 2.93 GHz Hex-Core x2
  • 32B PC3-10600R
  • 600GB 10K SAS x4
  • PERC H700 RAID
  • Redundant 717W PSU
  • Sliding Rails
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More about the Dell PowerEdge R610:

1 Year Warranty on Dell R610, Dell Poweredge R610The Dell Poweredge R610 is designed to help you manage your business more efficiently. Featuring up to two quad- or six-core Intel Xeon processors, the R610 delivers exceptional overall system performance and significant virtual machine-per-server capacity versus other servers. This makes it the ideal system for remote sites that require virtualization, simplifying data center operations and lowering total cost of ownership.

Memory-intensive tasks are no problem with the Dell PowerEdge R610, which can support a maximum of 192GB in twelve DDR3 1333MHz DIMM slots. It can also utilize up to six 2.5" SAS, SATA, or SSD drives with a total maximum internal storage capacity of 12TB. Combined with two hot-plug, high-efficiency 502W Energy Smart PSUs that will keep your system running cool and can be swapped out as needed, the PowerEdge R610 has the power and flexibility to support whatever needs your business has.

In addition, a host of software improvements over previous generations make full use of the R610's advanced hardware. Simplified systems management, advanced thermal controls, and integrated virtualization capabilities all help make the R610 an exceptionally efficient, versatile, and easy to manage addition to your data center.

ServerMonkey offers the Dell PowerEdge R610 in a variety of options to suit your organizations' specific needs. Since ServerMonkey offers complete hardware customization, you can configure your unit to meet your price and processing specifications, or simply select a preconfigured unit from the list above. The Dell PowerEdge R610 comes standard with our one year warranty. Other warranty options are also available.

Dell PowerEdge R610 Specs:

  • Brand: Dell
  • Product Line: PowerEdge
  • Product Type: Rackmount Server
  • Form Factor: 1U Rack
  • Processors: Up to 2x Quad or Six Core Intel Xeons
  • Processor Cache: Up to 4MB and 8MB
  • Memory: Fully expandable up to 192GB PC3-10600R
  • Hard Drives: Up to 6x 2.5" SAS/SATA hard drives
  • Maximum Internal Storage: Up to 12TB
  • I/O Slots: 2 PCIe G2 slots + 1 storage
  • Remote Management: iDRAC6 Enterprise (optional)